DIY Program

Are your photos cluttered and in chaos? Are you drowning in digital photos? Do you want to learn how to organise and store your photos like a professional?

Professional Photo Organisers have an extensive range of strategies and processes that give their clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their digital photos are cared for. My online program shares my knowledge and expertise as well as the practical skills I use every day in my business to help people create a beautifully organised and searchable photo hub.

Your step by step guide to build your digital photo hub:

  • Self-paced, straightforward and clear online program to learn to sort and store your photos effectively and safely.
  • 6 dedicated learning modules that are self-paced, straightforward and clear.
  • Videos, key actions, checklists, how tos, tool overviews, resource links and worksheets to guide the development of your photo hub.
  • Lifetime access to the program so you can go back again and again whenever you feel like you need a refresh.
  • Access to my exclusive DIY membership program for ongoing support and guidance.

I’ll get you on the way to creating and maintaining your own digital photo hub so you can enjoy your photos and relive you memories.

Ready to take control?

If you’re keen to get your photos in order whilst learning a new skill, you can register your interest in my online DIY program here.